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Turn Builder Purchase Orders into Sales Orders and Supply Orders in <1 Second

Automate your subcontractor office - Proactive error detection

No matter if you are a plumber, dry waller or electrician, SubAssist ensures your purchase orders match your contracted pricing, creates records in your accounting system, and sends orders to your suppliers... Automatically in less than a second

Is there a leaky $$$ bucket in your business?

Calculate the impact of incorrect purchase orders:

New production houses per month:

Purchase orders issued per house:


What is SubAssist

Built by the trades for the trades, SubAssist protects subcontractors' bottom lines on both ends of their businesses. By ensuring every Purchase Order is invoiced as contracted and errors are eliminated. SubAssist is a force multiplier for your office team. Unleash your tradespeople to do what they do best and leave the paperwork to SubAssist’s automated processes.

Contract Management

Store and version pricing in the same format that is simple to search and sort

Purchase Order Accuracy Checking

AI powered matching algorithms find the right pricing and expose problems

Takeoff Management and Supply Ordering

Automate the ordering of materials with configurable takeoffs and advanced

90% of Trades businesses do NOT reconcile all the Purchase Orders they receive from builders before executing the work and billing them

Your business is risking hundreds of dollars with each Purchase Order

Major National Builders have a Purchase Order error rate that surprises many

If you are not reconciling every purchase order, each mistake is costing your business on average $600

The average supply order for a single draw phase for a job takes over 30 minutes

By automating just 200 orders a month would save your business $5,000

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